Dj Sho-T, born Vince Aguilar, grew up in Salinas California listening to a wide genre of music. Family played a huge role, in the music that Dj Sho-T grew up with. He listened to anything from traditional Mexican music, due to his parents and older relatives, to hard core Rap, through various younger relatives and friends. As a result of his musical up brining, at the age of 10, Dj Sho-T got his first set of turntables. He fell in love with the capability to manipulate the music he already loved, and turn it into his own. Soon discovering that he was a natural, Dj Sho-T began dj-ing house parties and school dances.

His unique style has been influenced by many great Disc Jockeys and producers throughout the years. Artists like; Dj QBert, Z Trip, Dj AM, Mix Master Mike, Amplive, The Executioners, Dj Shadow, Tiesto and many others. Although Dj Sho-T has learned from many different djs, his style is what sets him apart. You can find various mixtapes that have been distributed throughout the United States. Dj Sho-T can be found at many private and public parties and clubs, earning his reputation as one of the best and hardest working disc jockey in the Central Coast.



Radisson Hotel (Milwaukee, Wi)

Posh NightClub (Las Vegas, Nv)

Senor Frogs (Las Vegas, Nv)

Almaza Hookah Lounge (Las Vegas, Nv)

Alexis Park Resort (Las Vegas, Nv)

The Lick NightClub (Las Vegas, NV)

1015 Folsom (San Francisco, Ca)

Mexico Lindo (Union City, Ca)

Oakland Metro OperaHouse (Oakland, Ca)

The Vinyl Room (Burlingame, CA)

Alameda Recreational Center (Alameda, Ca)

Axis Nightclub (Santa Clara, Ca)

Santa Clara Fairgrounds (San Jose, Ca)

Agenda Lounge (San Jose, CA)

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge (San Jose, CA)

San Jose Convention Center (San Jose, CA) 

Three Flames Banquet (San Jose, Ca)

Elks Tower (Sacramento, Ca)

MT Charleys (los Gatos, Ca)

The Fat Cat (Modesto, CA)

Nor Cal Kustoms (Fresno, CA) 

Hotel Jeffery (Coulterville, Ca)

Baja Sundays (Cactus Valley)(Bakersfield, Ca)

Replay Lounge (Bakersfield, Ca)

Nile NightClub (Bakersfield, Ca)

Elixer Hookah Lounge (Bakersfield, Ca)

Rileys Tavern (Bakersfield, Ca)

Chalet Basque (Bakersfield, Ca)

Leal Vineyards (Holliser, Ca)

Krazy Koyote (Gilroy, CA) 

Blue Fin (Monterey, Ca)

Planet Gemini (Monterey, Ca)

Marriott (Rooftop)(Monterey, Ca)

Monterey Fairgrounds (Monterey, CA)

California State University Monterey Bay (Seaside, CA)

Hippodrome (Monterey, CA)

Hyatt Regency (Monterey, Ca)

Munras hotel & Spa (Monterey, Ca)

Wavestreet Studio (Monterey, Ca)

Tarpys (Monterey, Ca)

Jose's Mexican Bar & Grill (Monterey, Ca)

Memory Garden Historic Park (Monterey, Ca)

Margaritaville (Capitola, CA)

Bayonet BlackHorse (Seaside, Ca)

Embassy Suites (Seaside, CA) 

Bitter Sweet Bistro (Aptos, Ca)

Bargetto Vinyard (Soquel, Ca)

El Alteno (Wastonville, Ca)

Cilantros (Watsonville, CA)

Kula Ranch (Marina, Ca)

Chapalas (Salinas, Ca)

Bankers Casino VIP Club (Salinas, CA)

Elks Lodge (Salinas, CA)  

The Fox Theatre (Salinas, CA)

Las Comadres (Salinas, CA)

Old Town Bar & Grill (Salinas, CA)

Salinas Sports Complex (Salinas, CA)

El Callejon (Salinas, Ca)

Tacos Acambaro (Salinas, Ca)

Sherwood Hall (Salinas, Ca)

Los Laureles (Salinas, Ca)